Get verified Buyers and Suppliers from all over the World. Join now because your Business Growth is our Growth !
Get verified Buyers and Suppliers from all over the World. Join now because your Business Growth is our Growth !
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Name Place Product Quantity Date Status Visit Now
Avery Philippines Shampoo bar 2000 2024/07/20 Active
Ferdous Hasan Talukder Dhaka, Bangladesh Frozen omasum 1 2024/07/20 Active
Orangel Machado United States Bags 20000 2024/07/20 Active
Arun Oman Pipes 50 2024/07/20 Active
Noah United States Rugs 1100 2024/07/20 Active
Ahmad Jordan Carpets 500 2024/07/20 Active
Mary Pendame Kenya Flip flops 5000 2024/07/20 Active
Mohammed Alhinzab Qatar Abaya & dresses 10000 2024/07/20 Active
Ronak Australia Pearl Millets 100 2024/07/20 Active
Faraz Ibrahim United Arab Emirates Bagasse Products 1 2024/07/20 Active
Minu Thomas Hong kong Disposable paper cups 1 2024/07/20 Active
Racheal Kariuki Kenya Cow ghee 20000 2024/07/20 Active
Gary Lynch Australia Milk powder 1 2024/07/20 Active
Dherendra Verma Kuwait Cutlery Sets 200 2024/07/20 Active
Vegard Ertvaag Norway Stainless steel colander 1000 2024/07/20 Active
Emiel Neele Netherlands Vermicompost 100 2024/07/20 Active
Place Quantity Product Date
Philippines 2000 Shampoo bar 20 Jul 2024
Dhaka, Bangladesh 1 Frozen omasum 20 Jul 2024
United States 20000 Bags 20 Jul 2024
Oman 50 Pipes 20 Jul 2024
United States 1100 Rugs 20 Jul 2024
Jordan 500 Carpets 20 Jul 2024
Kenya 5000 Flip flops 20 Jul 2024
Qatar 10000 Abaya & dresses 20 Jul 2024
Australia 100 Pearl Millets 20 Jul 2024
United Arab Emirates 1 Bagasse Products 20 Jul 2024
Hong kong 1 Disposable paper cups 20 Jul 2024
Kenya 20000 Cow ghee 20 Jul 2024

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